Our Laboratory

Iwanuma laboratory has started at the computer science department in University of Yamanashi since 1990.
In the past, 99 under graduate students and 37 graduate students have received a bachelor's and master's degree, respectively. The previous research topics are available for browsing from the site ``Theses''.
Currently, our laboratory consists of 3 teachers, 3 graduate students and 8 under graduate students:
  • Koji Iwanuma (Professor) 
  • Masanobu Yoshikawa (Assistant Professor)
  • Akira Amemiya (M2)
  • Yuta Ando (M2)
  • Shunsuke Takishita (M2)
  • Ryo Hinata (M1)
  • Shinichiro Watai (M1)
We put a message from Prof. Iwanuma especially for students who are interested in our laboratory.

Our laboratory is aimed at research and development on highly-sophisticated intellectual information processing techniques to overcome various issues in the face of tremendous growth in information, called Information Explosion. The amount of published information is rapidly increasing, and its domains are also widely spreading. 
In the laboratory, we deal with web contents, newspapers, traffic-information, hardware/software and life-information, and address the following topics:


Please see the site ``our interests & research subjects'' for more detail.
We are welcome to collaborate with researchers who are interested in our research subjects.
Please feel free to contact us or University of Yamanashi.

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